Creating custom cabinetry begins similarly to the full renovation process. We set up a meeting with the customer in their home. Once we gather all the measurements and discuss colours, finishes, and door styles, we head back to the office to start designing! Our designer creates a to scale 3D rendering of the room that requires the cabinetry. Once completed, the imaging is sent to the customer for approval. Upon approval of the design, our cabinetry specialists begin manufacturing the cabinets. With our CNC machine, we are able to create all custom cabinetry in our warehouse in St. Catharines. Ironwood completes every step of the process from manufacturing to assembling. Once the cabinets are assembled, they are ready to be delivered and installed. Our customer’s space is now transformed to emulate their visions!

À la Carte

The à la carte services Ironwood provides to our customers is a simpler and more affordable option to refreshing your current cabinetry. We can manufacture new doors in any colour or design you desire, to give your space an updated feel. If you’re looking to add more storage to your existing space, we can add cabinetry to create extra storage, and manufacture and assemble new doors to replace your existing ones.

Ironwood also produces Ready to Install (RTI) Cabinets. The RTI cabinets come in standard sizes or can be customized to fit your space. This is the perfect option if you want to do the installation yourself. We can do everything from kitchens, bathrooms, mud rooms, laundry rooms, storage rooms, garages and trailer cabinetry!

At Ironwood, we are happy to offer different services to be able to work within any budget! Seeing our customers' delighted with either a refreshed space or a complete new design is why we started Ironwood Cabinetry!