Our Story

Ironwood is a new company that was established by two experienced general contractors who have a passion for transforming spaces to align with their customer’s dreams. Lee and Angelo have successful renovation companies that have designed and rebuilt customer projects to their utmost satisfaction. The idea to start Ironwood came after years of crossing paths on different project sites. They admired each other’s hard workmanship and attention to detail and become close friends from the continuous contact. The two had began brainstorming new ideas and ways to stand out to their customers. Creating, designing, and installing custom cabinetry was something that they could achieve in house and would be a bonus feature to their businesses. The word Ironwood resonated with Angelo and Lee as it means having strength and density. The cabinets they produce emulate the meaning of Ironwood, thus Ironwood Cabinetry was formed. 

Angelo and Lee now successfully run Ironwood Cabinetry in collaboration with CasaBella Home Solutions and LG Renovations. Ironwood creates custom cabinetry from the process of manufacturing to assembly. We use our CNC machine to design many different types of door styles. The doors are available in a wide variety of colours to suit each customer’s vision. Each project Ironwood completes is unique to the customer. We can provide individual services in your renovation project or be a part of the full renovation. We specialize in cabinetry to complete any design, from kitchens, vanities, laundry rooms, closets, mud rooms and much more!